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Delivery Systems & Catheters

One of the leading trends in development of medical devices is transforming procedures in to minimally invasive and targeting to reach distal areas in the human body. Integer has developed a wide range of delivery systems, catheters and other minimally invasive combinations of tubing, balloons, collapsing mechanisms with manual or electronically operated handles to deliver forces, drugs, surgical intervention, electricity, monitoring and many other goals:

  • Balloon catheters & stent delivery
  • Debris and clot retrieval
  • Dialysis access
  • Endoscopic & Colonoscopy systems
  • Rectal systems
  • Heart failure fixing, stimulation and monitoring systems
  • Urinal catheters with various goals
  • Lead extraction and heart access

Integer has an in-house unique equipment that support the development and manufacturing of those systems such as nitinol treatments, tubes heat forming, pressure and balloon leakage monitoring and much more.

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