Medical Device Research & Development

Medical Device Prototypes

The development of medical devices involves the production of prototypes for a variety of applications serving both the customer and the research and development teams.

Integer is experienced in producing functional prototypes, which demonstrate the required capabilities (according to the development stages), including electronics-integrated prototypes using modular development boards etc. The company produces various prototypes:

  • Design prototypes for marketing purposes
  • Functional prototypes
  • Ergonomic prototypes
  • Rapid prototypes

Integer regards the prototype to be “capability demonstrators”, which present the product’s “evolution”. Each stage introduces a more advanced step in the research and development process. Each stage provides its own advantages.

Presentation of a functional prototype to investors can be conducive in funds raising, a design prototype with no technological capabilities for marketing purposes will be supportive gaining feedback from potential customers and a functional prototype, which demonstrates the de-facto functionality of the product, will support in strengthening the technological-engineering development. The prototypes also serve for soliciting comments from external and internal research groups, and the conclusions can be integrated into the development process.


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